Our Approach

I create a comfortable, supportive environment for you to discuss your wealth building goals.  Nothing is more frustrating than a CPA who spouts jargon and tosses out numbers.  I make sure my clients understand every step we take and I encourage questions.

I work with you, one-on-one,
through consultations in my office.   I can also work with clients by phone, fax, skype and email.

My services are unique to the financial marketplace because I work primarily with clients who focus on college admissions and the challenge of paying for college.

CPA’s can help you take advantage of all tax deductions available. But effective tax planning can actually make it harder to qualify for financial aid.  I will work with your CPA to make sure your tax and financial aid goals do not conflict with one another.

Investment advisors can help you manage your portfolio. But choosing an investment program can influence your financial aid package.   I will work with your financial advisor to make sure your portfolio management and financial aid goals do not conflict with one another.

My consulting services are based on a thorough knowledge of the college funding process.   If desired, you will receive an integrated financial plan that helps you manage your assets wisely — and help your child get a good education.

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