Local Independent Educational Consultants (IEC’s)

In the 15 years that I’ve been assisting families on the financial side, helping them identify schools that they can afford (and those that they can’t afford), here are just a few examples of what I’ve observed first hand … parents that hire a qualified independent educational consultant:
  • experience less anxiety in the process, both parent & child, as they have a professional to guide them through the process
  • have fewer issues or tensions with their kids.  They can be parents while the consultant holds their kids’ feet to the fire
  • increase the odds that the child will make wise college choices
  • pay less for college in many cases.   This is true particularly if expensive private colleges are on the student’s college list.   How?  Wiser college choices.  Most professional educational consultants travel year around visiting schools and meeting with admissions directors to learn all that they can about the particular school’s personality, teaching methods, financial aid practices, etc.  It helps them to be better able to recommend schools that are a good fit for your kid.  And, conversely and importantly, avoid applying to schools that are a poor fit.
  • I work with many of the local educational consultants to assist families in choosing colleges that are a good fit – academically, personally and financially.  (My assistance is focused on the financial part)

The services and advice offered by a qualified Independent Educational Consultant are invaluable to a family during the high school years when it comes to planning for college.   If you’re not sure what they do or how they help your family, I encourage you to read this sampling of articles:






These local consultants help students with the academic side of college planning. For specific information on their services, you should visit their websites or contact them directly. They are not the only educational consultants in the area. (Alphabetically)

Best Fit College Counseling  Jessica Olamit     www.bestfitcollegecounseling.net   831/234-4891

CollegeAdvisory Valerie Deutsch    valerie@collegeadvisory.com www.collegeadvisory.com 831/ 427-2279

College Bound JoAnn Schaper    http://www.collegeboundmonterey.com/ 831/ 655-2400

College Entrance Solution  Sabra Cossentine   peaceforyou@sbcglobal.net  831/345-5690

College Planning Academy Jennifer Decker Wade    collegeplanningacademy@gmail.com 831/824-4838

College Sense Elizabeth Simms    www.college-sense.com Elizabeth@college-sense.com 831/428-4100

DesignWorlds for College Frona Kahn    www.designworlds.com/college/ 408/252-2285

Duffy Grant    duffygrant@gmail.com www.duffygrant.com 831/818-2492

Freedom Test Prep.  Jerilyn Kass.  https://www.freedomtestprep.com/

Heidi Lewin    HeidiLBruce@gmail.com

Karen Gill    kgillx5@gmail.com

KRH Consulting Kevin Hislop 510/866-6417

College Retriever Kathryn Pierno    http://www.collegeretriever.org/ kathryn@collegeretriever.com

Kim Sammet College Counseling Kim Sammet    kimsammet@gmail.com 831/247-3104

LK Consulting Laurie Kiguchi Advising for Higher ED    LKiguchi@sbcglobal.net www.lkeducationalconsulting.com 831/421-9754

Maggie Paul, College Writing Instructor/Editor Support in writing the college application essay 831/234-5266

Maureen Casey, MA, MFTi Casey Educational Consulting    caseyedconsulting@gmail.com 408/398-0010

Options Educational-Career Counseling Pat Moore   www.options@cruzio.com 831/685-8100

Sea Change College Consulting   Laura Penvenne    https://www.seachangecc.com/    805/748-2579    Note:  Laura is in San Luis Obispo, CA 

Your College Hunt    Patricia Hunt    https://www.yourcollegehunt.com/    831/237-7950



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