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Parents: Are You Worried About Rising College Costs?

Do You Think You Earn Too Much to Qualify for Financial Aid?

In this time of soaring college costs, you can still give your child a top-notch college education … without draining your savings or sacrificing your retirement.

Let’s face it: College costs are soaring. The good news is:

You can reduce out-of-pocket costs as you send your children to college. Our program walks you through the process, helps you avoid common mistakes that could cost you a lot of money and translate financial aid forms into English.   We can help you design an integrated financial plan that combines college planning with your own long term financial goals.

Hello, I’m Steve Shapiro, owner of Tuition Solutions Now.  We’ve helped many families since 2004 reduce college costs and plan for a secure financial future.  Our step-by-step process works, and we have a solid record of achievement.

The majority of our clients are able to experience some reduction in their college costs, so there is a good chance we can help you save money too.


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If you are:

  • hoping to reduce the financial impact of your child’s college bills.
  • determined to pay for your child’s education without sacrificing your nest egg.
  • hoping to combine college and retirement planning into one comprehensive plan.
  • a business owner who is wondering how to report business assets and cyclical income to the financial aid people.

Then you’ve come to the right place.  We can probably help you.

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